My husband, your president

6 May

Presidential election: a meeting at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

Today France votes for electing its president. We have seen a lot of discourses and meeting an debates by our beloved French candidates. But let’s take a look at how a candidate to the presidential election expresses his program in a foreign country like the US of America for example.
A one and a half hour-long broadcast of a Barack’s and Michelle Obama’s speak in Virginia yesterday (May 5th 2012) in view of the November election in North America. The meeting begin with good sound (soul and rock music) and good vibe, then a lecture by Michelle, the spouse of the current president. We believe that in this country nobody should be bankrupted because he is sick 23 she says among other thoughts. And at the end of her speak, she says: Virginia I introduce to you my Husband and your president: President Barack Obama 32: 59.

In his program he puts education in the first place and then he makes choices for a cleaner energy than oil. He wants to end the war in Irak and Afghanistan after a decade of war. For budget balance he wants the healthiest Americans to pay a little bit more. He wants to allow young people to stay covered by their parents health care insurance. He wants an affordable birth control.

He also says: “We want our businesses to succeed but corporations aren’t people, people are people, in this country people succeed when they have a chance to get decent education and learn new skills 47:54. And by the way so do the businesses that hire those people or the companies that those people start. Our country is stronger when we can count on affordable health care and medicare and social security 49:20”

Near the end of his intervention Barack Obama declares that his campaign is about hope, changes and ordinary people 1:10
He concludes by God bless you and god bless the United States of America 1:12 and Michelle joins him on stage and makes some steps of rock and roll dance. And finally they leave the congress hall together, shaking hands. What a wonderful couple!

It seems that exactly like the two French candidates does in May the 6th, Barack will need a little help of his supporters in November the 6th.

Note: the numbers spread all over the text are the minutes (and hour in the end) of the video’s time counter.


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