The runaway jury by John Grisham

22 Apr

How the tobacco companies handle the lawsuits they are charged with.

If you want to discover how the tobacco companies (and not the weapon manufacturers like in the movie) handle the lawsuits they are charged with in the USA read the tremendous awesome paperback book entitled The runaway jury written by John Grisham.
Millions of dollars are spent in the unique goal not to be convinced with the charge of manufacturing an unhealthy addictive product. And the companies managed to reach their goal. The jury selection ending with twelve jurors selected from a group of more than a hundred persons with the key advices of psychological experts working for both parties (defendant and victim) is in itself astonishing. But it’s only the beginning, after that comes the methods to influence the jurors such as buying the whole nation wide store company that posses the local store in which one of the juror is a seller. This book made me think a lot of the David against Goliath struggle undertaken by Dr Braillon in France. I have not yet see the movie but I really enjoyed reading the book.
Beside why the film producer has replace the tobacco companies by the riffle manufacturer companies? Has he received any pressure, hasn’t he?

More content:

Politique de lutte contre le tabagisme en France: De la guerre au compromis et à la collaboration.
Alain Braillon (a), Anne-Sophie Mereau (b) et Gérard Dubois (b)

Braillon A, Dubois G. TOBACCO CONTROL: UP IN SMOKE IN EUROPE? Addiction. 2012;107(5):1016-1017. Available from:

Letters to the Editor:
Searching for an Indicator of the Influence of the Tobacco Lobby on Politicians
Alain Braillon, MD, PhD
Amiens, France

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