Three controversial photographs

7 Apr

Facebook is a mine for controversial photographs.

On the Facebook page of Gregory Sams, a Londonian writer with a very British sense of humor and a former entrepreneur in macrobiotic catering, I found those two hilarious pictures reflecting, in my view, the occidental vision of the life (and what is coming after) for the first and the  occidental simplified world view for the second. Gregory’s father worked as an American press correspondent during Vietnam’s war and is of Syrian origin. Gregory Sams has written a book about the predominance of freedom over politics and the peril of its suppression in our society.

This latest picture is available on the Facebook page of the Guardian. The photograph  is not at all humoristic but raised a huge controversy when published for the first time only five years after 9/11 by the photographer Thomas Hoepker who, during that period, was ashamed by his own photograph and feared to be accused of making art from a slaughter. For the tenth anniversary of 9/11 the photograph appears like a allegory of the historical tragic events and the every day life which continues to goes on.


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