2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

27 Mar

President Obama Speech at Hankuk University in Seoul, South Korea – 3/26/12

One of the major condition to maintain the health integrity of a population is the absence of either war or terrorism action, especially nuclear war or nuclear terrorism.

That’s why the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit is a milestone for every person who is concerned by public health. President Obama in his allocution said on that occasion (paraphrased):
“We have to begin to construct the world as it ought to be.
Securing the world’s nuclear material, to improve nuclear security is our collective goal. Our vision of a world without nuclear weapon will not be reached quickly perhaps not during my life time. We have to turn this vision into a reality. Already, Ukraine has removed all uranium from its territory and twenty nation have signed the treaty. Terrorist organisations are on the path to defeat.
We are building an international architecture which is safe keeping in mind that the smallest amount of plutonium can kill thousand of persons.
We have to fulfil the promise to secure nuclear material.
That’s how our national community should work.
A new agreement to recover material is on the way.
Taking concrete steps toward a world without nuclear weapon becomes our obligation.
The USA has a unique responsibility to act.
Indeed we have a moral obligation.
I say this as the president of the only nation that has ever used the nuclear weapon.
I say this as the commander in chief who knows that nuclear codes are never far from my side
Most of all I say this as a father who wants my two young daughters to grow up in a world where everything they know and love can’t be instantly wiped out.
We have more nuclear weapons than we need.
We can insure the security of USA and our allies and maintain a strong deterrent against any threat and still pursues further reduction in our nuclear arsenal.
There are those who say it’s impossible.
I say to them come in south Korea, a country committed to progress and to people.”
End of paraphrasing.

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