Jumping the Eiger Wand

16 Mar

Never done before !

English: graph of female vs. male life expecta...

Image via Wikipedia

In one of my last blog post I advised how to live longer. But after all some individuals prefer a shorter but more intense life as we will see in this post. A courageous German experiments a new way of being insured while climbing a big wall: it consists in carrying in his back bag a parachute. It is as simple as that. How it can be that nobody had thought of that before?
But the method could be more risky than it appears at first glance: what about the first hundred meters of climbing which is, I recall, the distance needed for a parachute to open correctly? To say it shortly, this man has a shorter life expectancy but a hell more intense way of living it as I said in the beginning. When I look at this sort of guy I feel in my deep inside a feeling of a mixture of envy (what a life!) and pity (the continuing proximity of death!). But isn’t this mixture the basement of our human condition: the conscientiousness of the possibility of our own end?
But enough of philosophy, enjoy this amazing movies!


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