Blogs are growing faster than Facebook

15 Mar

Blogs are growing faster than Facebook

They are now 181 Million (while they were only 36 Million in 2006).

Sad Kiani

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Number of blogs tracked by NM Incite, from October 2006 to October 2011

In blogging, small is beautiful: indeed, my blog is small enough not to be bothered by having comments to delete or to moderate nor being invaded by a huge amount of censorship work (in fact I receive a very low amount of comments). In that sense a blog with a confidential audience is very easy to manage!

Other work consulted:

The Scholarly Kitchen

A new report confirms that blogs and social media are now the main things people spend time with online.

Blogs? Aren’t those so five years ago?

Hardly. In fact, blogs are growing faster than many headline-grabbing social media sites, and they’re everywhere.

How pervasive are blogs today? Three of the top 10 social networking sites measured in a recent Nielsen report on the state of the media are blog providers — Blogspot, WordPress, and Tumblr. (By the way, the entire Nielsen report is worth reading — it’s slick, and covers a lot of the digital landscape.) There are now more than 181 million blogs, up from 36 million in 2006, when blogging was cool.

Blogs may not be cool in that same way they were in 2006, but they’re growing faster than Facebook, and that’s noteworthy. Also, half of all bloggers are between 18-34, making it a young medium as…

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