Is the orange juice good for health?

9 Mar

Oranges are women’s best friends says an enthusiastic medical journalist in a mainstream media!


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Orange Juice in the Afternoon
In one hand orange juices would be presumably worsening the diabetes mellitus spreading as Karen Grepin says in her Blog, after a trip in Morroco and a halt in a Rabat’s café where a glass of orange juice and a glass of Moroccan tea provoked a jump in her blood glucose rate.
In an other hand a recent study showed that orange’s flavonoids could possibly lower the risk of vascular stroke in women thus unleashing the medical journalists who dared to announce with a disproportionate emphasis: “Oranges Are Women’s Best Friend for Stroke Prevention”. So, listening to these press releases, for a woman the choice is either to enhance her own diabetes risk or not to lower her own vascular stroke risk. Life is a succession of choices!

But fortunately it appears that the lowering of stroke effect of orange juice is not so a hard result as it seems. The study linking orange juice consumption and lowering of vascular stroke is only an observational one (i.e. it demonstrates association but not causation).

My conclusion will be: drink orange juice if it makes you happy, provided it is in a reasonable quantity.

Consulted works :

1) Citrus fruit consumption may be associated with a reduction in stroke risk, and experimental data support these epidemiological associations that the flavanone content of citrus fruits may potentially be cardioprotective. Further prospective studies are needed to confirm these associations.

Cassidy A, Rimm EB, O’Reilly ÃJ, Logroscino G, Kay C, Chiuve SE, et al. Dietary Flavonoids and Risk of Stroke in Women. Stroke. 2012 Feb;Available from:


2) Observational study miscommunication of the week: citrus & stroke.

A spin around the Web today will give you many stories about citrus fruits and women’s stroke risk.


3) The coming tide.

Nearly 10% of the world’s adult population is now estimated to have diabetes.


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