when a man rescues his dog

17 Feb

It shows how the bonds between dogs and their owners are!

How certain men can risk their life to rescue a dog while others don’t even understand how one can think even to adopt one?

The man crawling across the river

In fact adopting and rescuing belong not at all to the same context.
From my point of view, a man decides in a few minutes if he can rescue a living being be it member of his family or not, a pet or a human.

Genetically, from the cavern ages we, men, are programmed to protect the clan from dangers from outside when men lived in the wilderness. And I think, at least in some of us, those old reflex are still present.

As far as I am concerned, the same situation occurred one year in winter (month of February) when one of my cockers crossed a river chasing his ball and trapped his ears (which cockers have very very long as it is well known) in the brambles of the other bank of the river. Evaluating rapidly the situation (he would rapidly drown) I put my self  in the same dress code like the man in the picture (only in under-wears) and I dived  for a quick rescue.

I must have keep the gene of the protector of the clan.

But you should know it can be very dangerous; each year men die doing those sort of things for rescuing an animal (on average seven death per year  in the UK).

Safe: Bentley back home in the warm with Mr Jarvis

Bentley the rescued and Malcom his master who saved him.

Congrats Malcom!

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