16 Feb

Although I do not share the same ideas of this right-wing American party, I found interesting their analysis of the Greek’s debt default in payment. This financial crisis entails the loss of the sovereignty of the Greek people and hence is endangering their democracy. The author of this text, Judson Phillips is the leader of the Tea Party Nation. With regard to the American political landscape, the Tea Party Nation is a USA ultra reformist party believing in the return to the fundamental values of their Constitution especially the second Amendment which allows all citizen to bear and possess weapons in the aim to defend the democracy in case of governmental abuse. Their point of view does not reflect my own personal position but contributes to bring some arguments in the discussion with regard to the topic of the European debt problem.

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The death rattle of Democracy – Tea Party Nation.

Posted by Judson Phillips

Watching a Democracy die is not a pleasant experience.  The only thing worse is watching one die and having most people not even realize a Democracy just died.

 Which Democracy died?

 Greece, of course.

 Greece is a cautionary tale for America and every other nation in the world.  Perhaps the question we have to ask, is Greece even a nation any more?

 The obvious reaction to that question is, of course it is.  The Greek flag still flies.  There are Greek borders.  The Greek government and Parliament are still there.

 All true.

 But for all intents and purposes, Greece is now a state in receivership. 

 The defining characteristic of a nation state is sovereignty.  The people of the nation state, through their government make the decisions for that state. 

 Greece has lost that.


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