Shiver healthy people DSM-5 is coming!

10 Feb

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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You were considered as healthy according to the “DSM-4”, but there is no guarantee that you’ll stay in such a good condition under the soon coming “DSM-5” area which is expected next year. Especially if you belong to the category of individuals who are bereaved people, shy, eccentric, unconventional romantic, defiant, experiencing apathy, oppositional defiant, trusting the virtues of a fetish, gamblers or internet addict.

In the other extremity of the spectrum, serial rapist and sex abusers who until now where solely considered as ugly criminals inherit the statute of ill people suffering from “paraphilic coercive disorder” needing to be cure.

Already in the past centuries, to say it shortly, the number of distinct recognized mental disorders rose from one in the year 1840 to 350 in 2000.

So enjoy your mental healthiness now because it may not survive to the imminent arrival of the DSM-5!



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