Preferences for art or science are genetically rooted Princeton University’s researchers say

5 Feb

Student’s centre of interest stems from the psychiatric condition of their relatives.

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Psychiatric conditions of parents and intellectual interests of their heirs are closely linked.

Students could choose their academic orientations depending of the type of psychiatric disease their parents are suffering from according to a recent survey of Princeton’s students in their freshman year conducted by two searchers from the Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, United States of America. They found that students with a historic of mood disorders in their parents or sibling show a trend to prefer humanities, social sciences and writing whereas a historic of autism spectrum disorders (like Asperger Syndrome) in their family leads more often the student toward a scientific or technical speciality orientation. The class of 2014 Princeton University freshmen year was pooled for the survey.

Read the full text paper in Plosone:

And the press release at the Princeton University website:



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