The perfusionist, the cardio pulmonary bypass and the cell phone

28 Jan

Distracted Doctoring

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Shiver people, while you are asleep anaesthetists email or tweet on their cell phones and nurses take a look at their Facebook page. The sleeping patient should ask “where is everybody?”
It’s not me who says that but a very serious study reported in the Antoine Flahault’s Blog and published in the very scholarly journal: Perfusion. Given the increasing number of Geek among the medical practitioners as it is testify by the increasing number of medical blogs especially in Marseilles, a law should be issued strictly forbidding to Doctors from chatting or tweeting when providing cares ;-).
Neurosurgeons, beware of posting comments or blogging only during the hours of the day your operating program is ended!

A name has been given to this problem: “distracted doctoring”.

And indeed Doctors should keep an eye to the patient while reading what happens on their tablet’s screen unless risking to provide better care to the I patient than to the real patient!

But we should be confidents to our young colleagues whose brain is multitasking functioning, since they have grown up being connected.

If not we could return to the good old times when surgeons and nurses had no computers nor smart phones in the operating room but were only talking each others of their love affairs while listening hard-rock on the cassette player and when the anaesthetist didn’t read his I pad but a romantic paperback ;-).

If you desire to learn more about the distracted doctoring effect:

Formatted Citation:

Smith T, Darling E, Searles B. 2010 Survey on cell phone use while performing cardiopulmonary bypass. Perfusion. 2011 Sep;26(5):375-380. Available from:

The Antoine Flahault’s Blog


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