The year of the Dragon

23 Jan

2012 is the year of the black-water dragon which is associated with an empathetic strength and good fortune.

A Vietnamese dragon sculpture

Image via Wikipedia

Six tones of Vietnamese language
Image via Wikipedia

My cousins and I, especially those of my cousins who have French or German mother, share the same privilege. We greet or have greeted two times a year a happy new year to our beloved father (depending if he’s still with us or have already passed away) and at the same time our Western mother took advantage of our wishes in which of course she was always encompassed. Indeed some of us are the heirs of a Vietnamese father and a Western mother. Does this habit will shorten two-fold our existence (two new years each year)? I prefer to believe that it have enhanced the wealth of our genitors (two-fold more wishes of good health and prosperity). Anyway we are very lucky to be at the cross-road of Western and Asiatic tradition. So for the second time this year on this Blog I wish you a happy new year!! And remember that the year of the Dragon is auspicious for making babies ;-). I send a hello to  my cousins  whose places of abode are Australia, Swiss, Germany, United States, Vietnam and France!


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