Police dog or riot dog, no difference

22 Jan

Dogs are on the side of humans be they protesters or policemen.

Dogs do not make politic.
Their master does.
So they follow or, most of the time, precede him when comes the time of physical confrontation. I told you a few post earlier of Sausage the courageous Greek dog standing always in the front line of the Athens’s unrest last year. He was on the side of protesters, only because the human he trusted was one of them. And now comes the turn of Lyon and Dox, two valiant Brazilian dogs who have heroically fallen and passed away in Rio de Janeiro unrests, but this time on the side of the police. Why? Not at all because of politic beliefs nor because it was their job but only because they stood by or preceded their beloved masters, like Sausage in Greece. And anyway there is no difference between police dog and riot dog.
And here is their complete story that you can read on Motley News. Thanks to him for having revealed the story.


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