15 Jan

Malingering comes from the French term malingre

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Malingering comes from the French term malingre
which means looking weak and sick.
It happens in a context of secondary benefits seeking like for instance wage compensation for work loss due to an ailment or disability pension or opioid prescription. It’s different from the psychosomatic condition diagnosed by the physician as “it’s all in your head” because in the act of malingering the patient knows that his symptoms are fake. The great issue in malingering detection is the false positives because in that case the physician will not treat a person which deserved treatment. It’s a little bit like putting an innocent in jail. In case of a reasonable doubt better treat or give a pension to a malinger than deny treatment or pension to an undiagnosed disease suffering person. Like say a commentator in the Kevin Blog: society should tolerate 10 addicts rather than denying even one real pain patient help.

If you want to read more:

Vanderploeg RD, Curtiss G. Malingering assessment: evaluation of validity of performance. NeuroRehabilitation. 2001;16(4):245-251. Available from:


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