The Globe’s loudest band

23 Dec
Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore in Rain...

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English: A Fender Stratocaster with 1979 speci...
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That’s how the Deep Purple were called once by the Guinness book of world records!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If virtuosity means something it’s Richie Blackmore playing his guitar.When I feel down I play this old version of the song called “Lazy” by the mythic Deep Purple Band. The tune put high voltage in my mind. It’s a kind of reverse meditation!Enjoy Richie and he’s magical fender Stratocaster (the name of the awesome guitar).As always the comments of you tube users are pleasant as is the following one:“If before I die, someone invent a time machine and I can get it, is for the time up there I want to come back. Best of all ages. »And this one:“Ritchie’s solo was beautiful. I can now die a happy man”

Below is an other song, more calm:

But I told you about the title Lazy and forgot to give you the link; here it comes, the omission is redressed.


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