Publish or not publish?

23 Dec

Terror risk linked to flu study

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Searchers have recently discovered in Netherlands and United States the method to transform the H5N1 virus in a mass destruction weapon. They were just on the way to publish the ingredients of the experiment on Nature and Science (the two world-wide best known scientific journals) when an US advisory board said: ”hello guys, wait a minute please, have you think to the consequences if terrorists buy the journal?”.

The scholarly kitchen blog analyse the issue. Now that the new has already been broadcasted it is useless to censor scientists. The better way, according to scholarly kitchen, to manage the thing is to widen open the access to information, thus hoping that the good guys will discover the vaccine before that the bad ones discovers the genetically modified virus. Indeed the scientific knowledge discovered by the two teams of searchers in Netherlands and United States can lead to both, the better and the worst. If hidden or censored, the information will more rapidly fall into terrorist’s hands than in philanthropic hands because the former possess more means to access secrecy than the latter.

The editor in chief of  Science stated that his journal may comply with the request if the NIH can create systems to provide the data to legitimate scientists around the world

We thank the Scholarly Kitchen for having revealed this frightening issue.


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