22 Nov
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According to a Kaiser Health News  report Wal-Mart is questioning the possibility to enter in primary health care by the mean of opening retail clinics in its stores.

A document written by the company contains the following statement: “Walmart intends to build a national, integrated, low-cost primary care healthcare platform that will provide preventative and chronic care services that are currently out of reach for millions of Americans.”

Retail clinics provide primary cares and preventive cares within a retail store. Are they an opportunity to reach the poorest patients or a risk of bad quality cares? A study published in the anal of internal medicine try to respond to the question. If Walmart enter in the primary care health market they will bring in their efficacy in reaching each American with 138 millions of them visiting their store every week. Some thinks it is a unique opportunity to enhance the productivity of the primary cares and to lower health care costs. More studies are needed to evaluate the quality of cares provided in retail clinics.

Two studies address the location of and the prices practiced by retail clinics and compare their efficacy with other primary cares providers.


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