self-employed or independent worker

5 Nov

The Center of Employment Studies has published in October 2011 an interesting analyse of the data collected in 2006 and 2008 by two French National surveys. These two distinct surveys (one in 2008 on health and the other in 2006 on career and health problems)  applied self-administered questionnaires or interviewer-administered questionnaires to French house-holds.

The scope of the analysis of october 2001 by the The Center of Employment Studies three authors (ALGAVA E, CAVALIN C and CELERIER S) was “The Specific Health Situation of Self-Employed Workers”.

Their key finding on this particular topic was that the health of the self-employed (category including self trade and services, independents, small business owners, salaried corporate managers and agricultural sector independent workers) is situated somewhere between senior executives’ health – which is always the best – and the non management employees’ health.

In our opinion, one important bias is that this result stem from the feeling of health expressed by the studied workers which do not necessarily reflects the true health status of the worker. Optimistic professionals can feel themselves in good shape although the reality is quite more bad (like non detected high blood pressure or diabetes mellitus which are silent killers).

Here is the full text of the study: etude du centre d etudes de l emploi


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