Short Sentence

27 Oct

When writing an article we are often tented to use only short sentences. I is not always the best solution. “For the love of editing” advises us  to first make short  sentence and then articulate or combine them with coordinating conjunction or subordinating conjunction with the aim of describing their relationship.  You can use coordinating conjunction between two short sentences of equal importance and subordinating conjunction between two short sentences when one is influenced by the other.

coordinating conjunctions are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.

subordinating conjunctions are listed below:

An other important point when we write an article is that we must think that we are allowed to use the first person I or We. This can avoid a mistake about who is speaking when you use the term the author. It can avoid the anthropomorphism of a sentence like “the experiment demonstrates the hypothesis…” or the passive voice  “the hypothesis is demonstrated”. You would better write instead: “we demonstrated the hypothesis was true”. Examples are given by the APA style blog in posts like “me, myself, and I” or ” use of first person in APA style“.

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