Prostate cancer

8 Oct

The US Preventive Services Task force does not recommend the screening for Prostate Cancer by PSA.

The US preventive services task force is in charge by US law to evaluate preventive services in primary cares. Its latest recommendation gives a bad grade to Prostate cancer screening by PSA. It is graded at the D level which means that the scientific panel discourages the  use of the preventive service that is evaluated.

In France a public health practitioner, Dr Braillon, from Amiens, a city north of France,  arises concern about the high level of individual screening with PSA which is practically as high as an organised screening program. In a letter to the editor of  “La Presse Médicale” of january 2011 he warns against such a trend saying that, in 2007, more than 5 Millions of tests by Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) have been undergone by French people.

In the US the issue is intensely debated between pros and cons of an organised screening program. A synthesis of the different positions is published by Kaiser Health News in its press review.

Prostate and bladder, sagittal section.

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