28 Aug

I notice for you an interesting study (thank to the RSI documentation department)

Immigrants (immigrés in French) are defined as people born in a foreign country with a foreign nationality whatever their actual nationality is (they may have change their nationality meanwhile).

In France, contrary to the United States, this topic is not often evaluate.

The study here above describe the real conditions of immigrants without any political background. More studies like this one are needed in France I believe.

The website of French state department of labor provide many interesting surveys classified by geographical region. The survey I report in this post comes from the PACA region where 10 percent of people are immigrants. 38 percent of immigrants came from 15 countries of European Union and an other 38 percent belonged to Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco).

Other interesting social survey about the PACA population are to be found here. They asses topics such as  employment, poverty, housing, disability and health conditions.

But I loose my head! I forgot to give you the link to the full text of the study… it’s done.


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