War in Libya

17 Aug

In libya it’s war for doctors and health care personal too. It’s a matter of seconds between saving a life and loosing one. In Bengazy and Misrata they performed their work close to the front and a long time in the front.They deal with no electricity.Health workers work twenty hours a day with rough material (the ambulance start with contact between two nude wires). For some of theme they face cases they have never treated before. The big issues they have to understand in the beginning was the war itself : how close they can come and so on. They went to the very front line, the journalist and the ambulance driver (Omar 20 years old). They had with them sometimes a Medical student. Every body stays in hospital noone can get home. Civilians try to take revenge against soldier in the hospital whenDoctors from rebel army tried to treat a legal army soldier although civilians attempt to discourage him. Doctors and journalists don’t shoot back in all conflicts.An independent journalist has made the job a real journalist must do: reportage on the ground (and not only discussion in TV studios). Neither the journalist nor the health worker wear weapon. Their only protection is their bullets proof jackets and the high humanitarian job they have to do: testify the facts for the first and save lives for the second. They are my real heroes.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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