Cancer: screening or not screening?

29 Jul

Must all big smokers have a Chest Tomography?

Must all women before 50 have a mammogram every year?

Must all men after 80 be screened for prostate cancer?

Health care journalists push for it as you can see for example in the following videos (beware these following videos are not recommendations but examples of biased reporting, by media, of scientific research results):

Chest tomography for lung cancer

mammogram 1
mammogram 2

Scientists worry about adverse iatrogenic events and high false positive rates that will certainly worry patients creating a new category of patients: the “worried wells”. (in the order there are five categories of patients the sick , the early sick (early detection), the well, the worried well and the worried sick.)

Governmental agencies hesitate before the high number of people needed to screen for saving a single life and try to product guidelines that satisfy everybody.

And people are questioning themselves searching information on the internet and social media.

But I make a proposition for a new preventive action: if tomorrow everybody drive is car at a speed below 40 km per hour it will save a lot of lives (by lowering lethal road crash and air pollution). Are you ready to do that? 🙂


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