The utility of social networks in health

18 Jul

Authors appertaining to an unexpected association of specialties (engineers, sociologists and health service specialist) published a very interesting report entitled: The necessary conditions enhancing the capacity of the social networks to create moral values in health and disability

We translate below a part of their conclusion:

“The reader must have noticed that the term “magic” is frequently employed by some of the persons we have interviewed. This expression, in the meaning used herein, highlights the essential experience lived by these social media users. This experience, well known in social anthropology, is the capacity of the social connection to empower the willing to live, which is growing in every one of us, each time we feel that somebody is waiting for us and that our own existence is valuable for someone else. We conclude temporarily this exploratory study with these unexpected testimonies.”

We are indebted to the Documentation Department of the RSI for having signalled us this report.


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