Are Doctors better hospital managers than MBAs ?

7 Jul

In America, hospitals which are run by Doctors perform better quality scores than those run by non physician professional business managers authors of this study say.

Reading this study a journalist declares: ” Who need an MBA? Top hospitals are run by doctors

In the opinion of the authors (and I share it), given that this study have a cross sectional design we can’t talk about causal relation. But the authors interestingly highlight that best ranked hospitals choose doctors as managers although they enjoy a large choice due to their reputation.

This preference can perhaps be explained by the fact that from the point of view of these top ranked hospitals, having a physician as  leader is more attractive for the recruitment of skill medical personnel.

In other non medical areas as universities, “expert” leaders are more and more appreciated.

In the same time healthcare reform limits the extension of physicians owned hospitals. The goal is to fight against self referral and conflict of interest.


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