Twelve health care systems comparison (including France)

23 Jun

A survey compared twelve health care systems (including France, United States, Germany, Brasil, China…). The methodology questionned 15,735 health care consumers on their experience with health system, satisfaction,  appreciation on wasteful and performance, quality of preventive services. Percentage of public investment, percapita expenditure and spending compared to  GDP are presented too. The french system is defined as: “a statutory national health insurance system with compulsory, universal coverage for all French residents. Coverage is provided through health insurance funds, and participants are determined primarily by their occupation. Thirty chronic conditions, including diabetes, are fully covered.”  All other systems of the remaining eleven Countries are described alike.
On the item of preventive services efficacy, Canada ranked at the first place and France is eleventh just before the last one which is Switzerland.

Quotation by courtesy of the authors:
Paul H. Keckley, PhD
Executive Director
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions
Sheryl Coughlin, PhD, MHA
Head of Research
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions
Deloitte LLP
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions
555 12th Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20004
Phone 202-220-2177
Fax 202-220-2178
Toll free 888-233-6169

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