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inequality, Scarcity of oil, scarcity of water maps the cartography of conflicts

10 Apr

I want to share with my followers this incredibly sensitive talk of my cousin (the introduction is a little bit long but you can jump to Tho’s intervention at the 6.14th minute). Enjoy and above all meditate about what the true nature of mankind is.

The French national medical Board incites physicians to produce content on the internet

16 Mar

The French national Medical Board declares in its last Newsletters that Physicians, as a reliable source of information, should be encouraged to produce contents on the Internet. The ethic is the same as in a patient-physician relationship but the advantage is that the patient can takes his time to apprehend and deepen the information given to him by the physician by consulting his website. The National Board incites physicians to be present on the Web as professionals. But Doctors can also have their blogs like every citizen, provided that they do not discredit the profession and its digital reputation. And provided also that they do not use their blog for advertising and for falsely flattering their skill! The Board recommends also the Doctors to stay sober in their presentation and not to request fees in their websites, but I think that that went without saying.

Religion and the Open Society Symposium

14 Dec

What went first in the history of humanity: the religion or the politics? Like the chicken and egg question, nobody knows. And today also it is obvious that the entanglement of those two domains which highly influence the future and the past of humankind is worth to be discussed by some high level intellectuals (professors and writers) in the three conferences referenced below with their Internet link.

Hope or Despair? The Future of Low-Paid Work in Europe and the US

12 Dec

A survey compared the incidence of low paid jobs in Europe and the US. The USA, the UK and Germany appears to be the champions. Surprisingly the survey found that the rate of unemployment and the incidence of low paid workers varied in an opposite way across the countries included in the study. The occupational sectors struck by  low wages are principally hospitals, hotels, food processing and call centers.

A speech on Gross National Happiness in Berlin

2 Dec

My cousin Tho gave a talk in Berlin about the GNH paradigm: what it is, but also what it is not (eg an Happy Hippy Land). The key, take home message is: to overcome the suffering, to adopt a non dual attitude and to engage in a systematic approach in economics taking into account not only the individual but also his environment and the other living beings. Tho intervenes just after Julia Kim, the representative of UNICEF.

PGF2012: Gross National Happiness (GNH) from Presencing Institute on Vimeo.

Full code

3 Nov

“And in a sense, it is rational, given the dearth of alternatives. If nobody wants you at the party, why should you stay? Advocates of Death With Dignity laws who say that patients themselves should decide whether to live or die are fantasizing. Who chooses suicide in a vacuum? We are inexorably affected by our immediate environment. The deck is stacked.”
Excerpt from an article I just read in the Herald Tribune and that pulled tears from my eyes. An ethical topic fundamental for each human being , not only for health practitioners. As the spouse of the disabled author asks in the reanimation room, we should always proceed “full code” in order to save a human being.
This article by Ben Mattlin is worth to be read.
Reference :


27 Sep


be aware of what you have instead of being angry of what you are missing.



Anger or gratefulness it’s up to you

15 Aug

Gratefulness could be the best way to happiness and to avoid child’s mental health problems in case of a pathogenic infancy. In France our psychologists developed the concept of resilience. Anglo-Saxon world put the accent on gratefulness as a tool for resilience, paving the way for the happening of a state of mind conducive to happiness. Listen to how Nancy Floy, an acupuncturist from Chicago, got through a very difficult childhood thank to her grand mother’s teaching of gratefulness for yet being still alive after a night of alcoholic chaos perpetrated by her own genitors.
Gratefulness is a very good way of conducting once life, don’t you think? Anyway my three dogs already behave according to this precept: they manifest energetically their joy, eyes full of gratefulness whatever the littlest good I do for them (like for example just giving them a little cup of water when they are thirsty, or appearing in the evening after a full day of absence, nothing more than that makes them very happy ;-)

Thanks to the media HUMANKIND for broadcasting such interesting programs.

The interview of Nancy Floy

The public radio HUMANKIND.

The Don Quixote of the lost children

12 Aug
Micah's DNA

Micah’s DNA (Photo credit: micahb37)


DNA (Photo credit: Gravitywave)

Dr José A Lorente is a scientist specialized in forensic genetics. His career shifted toward an humanitarian mission when he travelled for the needs of an enquiry in Peru as it is stated by Suzanne Daley in her column written in the August 4-5 edition of the International Herald Tribune.
Looking at the stray children in the streets of Lima he wondered if his science could help.
And now his best reward, although he has had identified the remains of more greater people like Christopher Columbus and Simon Bolivar, is to see the gratitude in the eyes of a mother whose stolen baby daughter he has helped to find. Dr Lorente concludes: “you don’t make money at this, but you do feel proud” report the journalist.

His foundation DNA-Prokids furnishes for free DNA identifying kits to countries willing to fix the problem of stray children in the streets and lacking from financial resources.

Thich Nhat Hanh: teach me, heal me, feel me, touch me

8 Aug


The famous refrain of the Who’s song seems to apply to the course of meditation given by Thich Nhat Hanh at the Plum village (village des pruniers) near Bordeaux, France. The Vietnamese Buddhism way of appraising the world be it matter or living being as a whole and the exercises on our body, our feelings, our mind and the world around us that Thich Nhat Hanh advises us to practice regularly  should be mandatory putted in the curriculum of every schoolchildren in my view.

Enjoy the amazing video, given to us for free by the famous Vietnamese Buddhism Master, it includes good advises for preventing numerous diseases brought by the western stressing life we live in the developed countries. All the more there is a paragraph entirely dedicated to the scientists and the state of mind they should adopt to soundly apprehend the object of their research; nature.



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